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Stikkord - Kvinesdal Norway

Gravold gruve Knaben

Hiking in Knaben

Knaben Knaben is an old mining village which is about a 40 minute drive from the town of Kvinesdal in southern Norway. The terrain is varied with both hilly and flat areas which make it...

Rosfjord Strandhotell Pier Lyngdal Norway

West of Kristiansand

Lyngdal Lyngdal is an ideal location to base yourself whilst visiting the Lister region in southern Norway, as local attractions are within easy reach. “Lister” is a local term...

Knaben Norway

Knaben mining town

Mining history in Knaben The Knaben mining town is located in Kvinesdal Municipality in Southern Norway. The site has evolved from being a purely industrial site to a tourist haven. A...