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Adam Read

I am originally from Australia and have lived in Norway for the past 10 years. I have been working in the internet industry since 1998 in Australia, the UK and Norway. Since February 2014, I have worked with Visit Sørlandet as a Content Manager for various regions of Southern Norway. I live in Kristiansand and am married with three children, a dog, cat, two guinea pigs, surfboard, camera, bike and a boat. My kids love to ski and snowboard in the winter and go wake boarding in the summer.


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Elisabeth Høibo

I like to take pictures and travel. In the last millennium (1996) I packed a bag and went around the world as backpacker. I saw a bit of the world, but there’s no finer place than Southern Norway. I live in Kristiansand and love the South Coast. Come and enjoy a wonderful Southern Norway Holiday!

Email: elisabeth@usus.no


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I am from Hemsedal and lived in Kristiansand for 6 years living in Søgne. My husband’s name is Fredrik and we have two cute boys, Luis 4, Alvin 1 and a cute dog named Hugo. I love doing different activities especially skiing, but also love everything that the summer has to offer. I think it is incredibly exciting to travel to new places in the region and discover fun stuff and nice people!


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Bodil Tveitan

My roots are in western Norway and Oslo, but now I spend most of my time in Telemark and southern Norway.  I am a digital adviser for Usus / and Visit Sørlandet and have worked in and with tourism locally, regionally and nationally since 2000. This has mainly been with web and social media.  I am married with two children and live at the beautiful Telemark Canal in Telemark. I am constantly on the move to great tourism businesses in Southern Norway.

Email: bodil@usus.no


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Erik Engenes

I am interested in culture and live in Kristiansand. I am originally from a small place just outside Kristiansand called Nodeland. I have a bachelor degree from the University of Agder in media and communications. I have worked since 2008 in the travel industry. I love the city and buying LP records. You will usually find me at concerts or other cultural events.

Email: erik@usus.no


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Hildegunn S.T

I am a true southern girl, born on Flekkerøy island in Kristiansand. I live there with my husband, three daughters and a cat. My children are 12, 8 and 3 and we are always making the most of what southern Norway has to offer. I enjoy activities in nature, superb concerts and delicious local food from southern Norway.


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