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The Nonskarknuden hiking trail Kvinesdal

This has to be one of the best hiking trails in Kvinesdal which is also a great workout. The views from the top are stunning. The Nonskarknuden mountain is not far from the town centre which is very convenient. At the top you can see to the ocean, over the fjord and the roof of the Utsikten Hotel. That is quite funny because The Bølgen & Moi Hotel Utsikten is known for its stunning views over Kvinesdal – but Nonskarknuden is even higher.

Adam Read

Starting the trail from the end of the gravel road

A trip there with the kids

From the bottom of the road, it is a very steep hike up to the top where the train to the viewpoint actually starts. This is a very thin and dangerous road used only by locals and the farmers that live up the top. It is frowned upon if other drivers use the road. (There is also almost no way for another car to turn around if one happens to be coming the other way). So please do not drive up this road.

What you can do, is park at the bottom and hike to the top like others do.

Adam Read

On the way up the mountain

Once you get to the top, there is a farm house on the right. Before that is a gate which you open and close behind you to start on the trail. You will walk past sheep and stone walls but there is a clear path to the top. Follow this for about 20 minutes to get to the top of Nonskarknuden.

Just before you reach the top, there is a letter box with a guestbook you can sign. This is also a GEOcaching location.

Adam Read

View over the valley and town of Kvinesdal from Nonskarknuden

The Views

As stated, the views from the top are stunning. Take with you a good camera, some food and relax on the top. (You will need that after the long hike from the bottom). My boys loved it but were a little skeptical to leave the places they were sitting. It is literally a vertical drop off the cliff, so please be very careful. My son’s lens cap fell off and we all watched it roll of the edge of the cliff. No chance I was going to try and rescue that!

Adam Read

Relaxing after the hike.

Visitors can get a map from the local Kvinesdal tourist office in the main street of the town. This will give you directions and tips on what else to do in the area.


It is not advised to visit this place during the snowy winter months. Both the steep road and cliff are too dangerous during this time.

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