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The barbeque cabin at Sletteheia in Ålefjær Norway

There are hiking trails all over Norway – literally all over. Norwegians love the outdoors and really appreciate nature. Outside of winter, if they are not out on the boat or doing some sort of sport, they are hiking. Southern Norway has its fair share of trails that are usually marked and mapped.

A friend told me about one hiking trail that has a little footbridge high above a little valley and a cabin with great views in Ålefjær just outside Kristiansand. So I took the family out and decided to give it a try. His directions were a little vague but we tried our best. I looked at Google maps and found a road that would lead to the starting point. After driving down this road, I soon realised that it was a private road with a few farms on it. This was obviously not the place so after some exploring, we found the carpark.

Photo: Adam Read

Hiking to the barbeque cabin in Ålefjær (Grillhytta)

We took both of our dogs on leads and headed up the trail. On a beautiful sunday in autumn in Kristiansand, it was the perfect day for it. Looks like many others had the same idea, so we met a lot of people on the way up.

The hike up takes about an hour going at a good pace. My youngest boy who is five, did it very easily and I was trying to keep up with him.

There are three signs on the way up. One leads to Sletteheia with a high tower and the other leads to a Grillhytta (barbeque cabin). We decided to go to the cabin. About 50 metres before it, there is a 50 metre long hanging foot bridge that towers above a little valley. It is quite high but not scary for the kids who did not even notice the height.

Photo: Adam Read

Hanging foot bridge in Ålefjær (Grillhytta)

Once at the cabin, we relaxed and enjoyed the views. The cabin looks to be run by the local scout group.

Photo: Adam Read

The barbeque cabin in Ålefjær (Grillhytta)

It has a open fireplace and a chimney in it and a table with chairs. It is possible to stay overnight in it if you bring your sleeping bag.

Photo: Adam Read

The barbeque cabin in Ålefjær (Grillhytta)

Next time, we will try the other route to the tower.


Ålefjær is a little area just outside Kristiansand. The carpark is not that easy to find but if you search for Ålefjærvegen 301, Kristiansand in your gps, you will find it. Please note that there is a private road before and after the carpark, so do not use these because there will be no where to park. The carpark is next to the road so you will notice it when you see it. Here are some maps to help you.


Google Map with directions



Goolge Map of carpark


Google streetview showing carpark

Here you will find out more information about the location on the Den Norske Turistforening (Norwegian tourist organisation).  It has a detailed map of the journey.


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I am originally from Australia and have lived in Norway for the past 10 years. I have been working in the internet industry since 1998 in Australia, the UK and Norway. My kids love to ski and snowboard in the winter and go wake boarding in the summer.

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