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Skrelia Lyngdal Norway

The mountain of Skrelia is located close to the heart of Lyngdal. The brings two very good benefits. The first is that you get a great view over the fjords, mountains and the city, but also it is a very short trip. (Here is a video from the trip)

From the parking lot, you walk about 100 metres before the trail to Skrelia starts. There is a signpost there to let you know that you are going in the right direction.

Adam Read @ Visit Sørlandet

Skrelia signpost Lyngdal Norway

You will pass a small fence near a stone plateau. Follow the blue painted marks for about 500 metres and you will find an opening.

Adam Read @ Visit Sørlandet

Boulders Skrelia Lyngdal Norway

There is a stream that crosses this opening and there are large stones laid across it so it is easy to get past.

Adam Read @ Visit Sørlandet

Stream Skrelia Lyngdal Norway

Then turn slightly left (basically follow the stream down) and you will see the viewpoint.

Adam Read @ Visit Sørlandet

View from Skrelia

There is a table with chairs there to enjoy some food and relax.

Adam Read @ Visit Sørlandet

Relax at the table and chairs at Skrelia

The terrain is not difficult and anyone can do it. I took my three sons with me and they did it very easily. The drop from the mountain is not steep but caution should still be maintained at all times. Make sure you take your camera with you because the view is fantastic. The whole journey from the heart of Lyngdal to the viewpoint took about 45 minutes.

How to get to Skrelia in Lyngdal

As you can see on the map, it is very easy to find your way there by car. However one thing to note is that the road can be quite slippery and dangerous in the winter, so it is not advised to go there then. Also if you own a campervan or have a trailer, do not use the road. It is very narrow and easy to get stuck. It is also very difficult to get past traffic that is coming the other way.


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You can also read more about Skrelia here.


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