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White water rafting in the river Otra

Rafting at TrollAktiv - Evje - Photo TrollAktiv

Rafting at TrollAktiv – Evje – Photo TrollAktiv

The river Otra is the longest river in southern Norway stretching 245 kilometres from Stesedal to Kristiansand. It gets a ton of water from the mountains creating perfect river rafting conditions. Tim Davis is an ex British soldier who once toured Norway with the forces. He instantly saw the possibility of creating rafting activities in the river Otra and so after becoming a resident, he started the outdoor adventure company Troll Aktiv in 1994.

When nature provides you with the perfect sports facilities for free, you need to take advantage of it and that is exactly what Tim did. The luxurious problem is, the Norwegian landscape also provides the adventurer with an abundance of other activities, so Tim also brought these to the forefront – climbing, zip lines, mountain baiking trails, bmx pump track, archery, canoeing, SUP, fishing, battlefield with laser guns and even an escape room. There is so much to write about, I can take the other activities another time. So lets focus on rafting.

Trip with the kids

I took two of my sons with me to go on the “family rafting tour“. The river offers both difficult and hard rafting and naturally the family version is the nice and easy one with a little of bit action for the kids. A child needs to be over 6 years and 110cm tall to be able to do it. My boys are 8 and 10 and they were very eager to try it out. (That is a video from our trip. )

Rafting TrollAktiv

Rafting at TrollAktiv – Evje – Photo TrollAktiv

We started with a briefing from an instructor followed by getting our kit for the trip. We each got a wetsuit, dry top, booties, helmet and a life vest. Tim then drove us in a minibus up the river to the starting point. We were with a family from Germany who also had two children.

It was a 25 degree sunny day with little wind, so the conditions were perfect. Our instructor was from South America and she was very clear in her instructions and very friendly.

The “Bum Bum Team”

When she asked what our team should be called, my son said “Bum Bum” – so we were called the “Bum Bum Team”.  After each instruction out in the water, we had to say “Yeah we are the Bum Bum Team”. Ok enough of that.

“That was so cool Dad. Next time I want to do the adult rafting. I do not want to wait 4 years for that!”

The family rafting trip takes a total of two hours. In the beginning eveyerone gets used to the raft and practises falling off and getting back on. Then there is, of course, water fights and play time before going down the rapids. I tell you, these instructors have the best job in the world. One guy was on a small kayak to ensure we were safe and he was also having a great time.

The rapids

My kids were smiling from ear to ear going down the rapids. I took a video with my GoPro and you can hear them laughing the whole time. After going down several rapids, we were instructed to start paddling upstream towards a little stone wall. We did this so that the boat would fill with water! That was fun.

Rafting at TrollAktiv – Evje – Photo TrollAktiv

In one section of the rapids, we needed to stop and let the kids off who walked with one of the instructors a little further down the river and waited for us. Then we adults returned and finished that part of the river. After the kids hopped on board again, we headed further down river before stopping off at a little rock face and jumping into the river.


This trip was absolutely fantastic. The kids loved it and really want to go back to try the adult rafting!

For more information about rafting in Evje, contact:


TrollAktiv AS
4735 Evje, Norway | T +47 37 93 11 77 | post@trollaktiv.no | www.trollaktiv.no
GPS: N=58.636289 E7.807905 TrollAktiv Facebook



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