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Arkiv - July 2016

Fiskebrygga Kristiansand

Fiskebrygga is a fishing wharf and market in Kristiansand.

It is extremely popular in the summer months where local people take their boats into the wharf and enjoy the sunshine. There are restaurants, ice cream store and a fish market where you can buy fresh fish and the world’s best fish burgers. They are literally THAT GOOD!

In all of July, the Fiskebrygga (pronounced fisk-air-bry-gga) has free concerts on Tuesday nights that are extremely popular. There is almost no place to park your boat or get a seat. So if you want to join in, you have to get there early.

Den Lille Dyrehage zoo in Gjerstad

Den Lille Dyrehage translates to “The Little Zoo”. There are meerkats, reptiles, snakes, crocodiles, monkeys and other types of animals there. During the summer months, you will also find a few different species of butterfly.

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Meerkats at the Den Lille Dyrehage zoo

The zoo is located just outside Risør in southern Norway in a place called Brokelandsheia.

After an amazing trip to the Trehyttene in Gjerstad (treehouses in Gjerstad) we stopped by the zoo on the way home to Kristiansand. When you arrive there is a cafeteria and very friendly staff. The kids went straight for the meerkat section.

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A hungry meerkat.

We then checked out the goats.

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A goat at the Den Lille Dyrehage zoo

and then inside for a snake show.

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Snake show at the zoo

Where my boys had to put their hand up for a snake “cuddle”.

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My son getting a cuddle from a snake

A quick picture at the “selfie stand”

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Selfie stand at Den Lille Dyrehage

And a slushie on the way out.

Adam Read Visit Sørlandet

Slushies at Den Lille Dyrehagen

It is a really nice little zoo and well worth the visit. Contact information about Det Lille Dyrehagen can be found here.