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Potholes at Sild

The Risør region offers a large range of activities and attractions one of which are the potholes at Sild called “Jettegryttene”. These were formed in the ice age as large waves pounded the shore line to produce these amazing holes.

The potholes at Sild " jettegrytene"

The potholes at Sild ” jettegrytene”

The largest one is about 5 square metres wide and is quite deep. It is a very popular destination in the summer months where locals go swimming there. It take about 25 minutes to drive there from Risør and takes about 25 minutes to walk from the carpark to the potholes.

In the summer months there are small wooden signs that are placed at different locations along the trail and there is also a small one on the main road.

The potholes at Sild " jettegrytene"

The potholes at Sild ” jettegrytene”

How to get to the potholes at Sild

If you are driving from the E18 either from Oslo or Kristiansand then you need to

  1. turn off at E18 highway on the RV416 to Båssvik
  2. Then on to Highway-411 to Fv1 towards Åkvaag.
  3. Drive past Sørlandet Camping grounds  and drive for approximately 2 more kilometres
  4. You will pass a small red house on the left side of the road next to a field. Just after that is a bend in the roud where you will see a parking lot with a little red building (probably used for electricity)
  5. There is a sign with information about Jettegryttene both in English and Norwegian and you follow a track after that. This track almost starts on a private road that you walk down and then follow the small wooden signs to the potholes.

If in doubt on where you need to go, pop into the lcoal tourist office where they can give you a map with directions. It is not that easy to find, so be a little patient 🙂

The potholes at Sild " jettegrytene"

The potholes at Sild ” jettegrytene”

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