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Arkiv - June 2016

The tree houses in Gjerstad

Tree houses in Gjerstad

The tree houses (Trehyttene) in Gjerstad is a must for an overnight stay.

Want to spend the night out in nature – maybe even in a forest? How about living in a treehouse that has all of the modern facilities you would expect to find in a hotel!


The woods in Gjerstad

Walking towards the toolshed at Trehyttene Gjerstad

The Trehyttene in Gjerstad are built with no expense spared. Top quality bedding, kitchen, bathroom facilities are what you will find. Well, we should actually talk about what you see when you arrive.

Trehyttene Gjerstad

View from the front of Kråkeslottet

I went there with my wife and three small children and as soon as I stopped the car, all three kids ran out to play on the outside play park.

Trehyttene Gjerstad

One of the obstacles in the play park.

My wife and I however, just stood quietly and looked up to see a magnificent sight.

Trehyttene Gjerstad

The river by the tree houses in Gjerstad

A new beautifully built tree house raising up to well over 10 metres in the air in amongst the trees and forest. Extending outwards from the house was a long bridge in the trees with an outdoor barbequeing area.

Trehyttene Gjerstad

The outside barbeque area at Kråkeslottet

There are two tree houses and this one is called Kråkeslottet which translates to the “Crows castle”.


It is located next to a lake that is perfect for swimming as the water is quite shallow. There is a yellow row boat there that guests can use. To keep the kids occupied, there is also a small shed with hammers, nails, rulers and other items that they can use to build something.

Trehyttene Gjerstad

The view from the lounge room at Kråkeslottet

What is also very special is the fun park next to the house. Everything is hand made and it is basically an obstacle course with swings, tunnels, little hut etc. I think by the time I had unpacked the car, the kids had done several rounds of it and were ready for some water.

Trehyttene Gjerstad

Check out the cool rain drop door handles at Kråkeslottet.

The treehouse sleeps eight people with two bedrooms and a sofabed upstairs that three people can sleep on. It has a fully equipped kitchen with a large custom made coffee table, rain drops as the handles on the doors and large windows so that everyone can enjoy the views.

Trehyttene Gjerstad

The main bedroom at Kråkeslottet

Downstairs are where the bedrooms are located and at the bottom is the bathroom.

Trehyttene Gjerstad

Using the row boat by the river at Kråkeslottet


The Gjøkeredet treehouse is located about one kilometre away in the same forest. This treehouse does not actually touch the ground and is built completely within the tall trees. It does not have electricity but has gas and a small kitchen with facilities to make food.

Trehyttene Gjerstad

Top bedroom at Gjøkeredet

The views from the bedrooms are very special. There is a bedroom on the lower floow which has 180 degree windows overlooking the forest. The lounge room is next to the kitchen  and the top floor is a bedroom with a window in the ceiling to watch the stars at night and windows in the walls. The bathroom is located at the bottom.

Trehyttene Gjerstad

Bottom bedroom at Gjøkeredet

Gjøkeredet sleeps 6 people.

If you are looking for an overnight stay in the beautiful Norwegian forest in Gjerstad, then this is the place for you. Den Lille Dyrehagen (zoo) is located close by and the small tree house town of Risør is a short drive. Here is a link to all of the pictures of the tree houses in Gjerstad. (all pictures are taken by Adam Read @ Visit Sørlandet).

Trehyttene Gjerstad

Cosy meeting place at the Tree houses in Gjerstad

Getting to the tree houses

It is not that easy to find your way there. A GPS is a must – but here is a map of where you can find them. The address on Google maps is incorrect, so refer to the maps below. If in doubt, give Åse a call on Mobile telephone: 950 53 807

loc1 loc2


Here is a video taken from the visit.


Contact details:

Åse Kristine Mæsel Trydal
Website: www.trehyttene.no
Mobile telephone: 950 53 807
Email address: aase@trehyttene.no

Their Instagram account:

Address: Trehyttene, Gjerstadveien 1746, 4980 Gjerstad

Potholes in Sild Risør

Potholes at Sild

The Risør region offers a large range of activities and attractions one of which are the potholes at Sild called “Jettegryttene”. These were formed in the ice age as large waves pounded the shore line to produce these amazing holes.

The potholes at Sild " jettegrytene"

The potholes at Sild ” jettegrytene”

The largest one is about 5 square metres wide and is quite deep. It is a very popular destination in the summer months where locals go swimming there. It take about 25 minutes to drive there from Risør and takes about 25 minutes to walk from the carpark to the potholes.

In the summer months there are small wooden signs that are placed at different locations along the trail and there is also a small one on the main road.

The potholes at Sild " jettegrytene"

The potholes at Sild ” jettegrytene”

How to get to the potholes at Sild

If you are driving from the E18 either from Oslo or Kristiansand then you need to

  1. turn off at E18 highway on the RV416 to Båssvik
  2. Then on to Highway-411 to Fv1 towards Åkvaag.
  3. Drive past Sørlandet Camping grounds  and drive for approximately 2 more kilometres
  4. You will pass a small red house on the left side of the road next to a field. Just after that is a bend in the roud where you will see a parking lot with a little red building (probably used for electricity)
  5. There is a sign with information about Jettegryttene both in English and Norwegian and you follow a track after that. This track almost starts on a private road that you walk down and then follow the small wooden signs to the potholes.

If in doubt on where you need to go, pop into the lcoal tourist office where they can give you a map with directions. It is not that easy to find, so be a little patient 🙂

The potholes at Sild " jettegrytene"

The potholes at Sild ” jettegrytene”

Adam Read

Visit Sørlandet

Tourist in your own city

Sunday June 5 is the “turist i egen by” event (Tourist in your own city)

As a resident of Kristiansand, you are invited to experience some of the attractions and museums for free!
All you need to do is register in advance and then show your ticket when you arrive at the attraction, activity or museum that is involved in the event.

The ticket is electronic so you can show this on your mobile or print it out.

Here is an overview of the activities that are included for free admission:

Kristiansand Museum (12am – 15)
Odderøya Museum Harbor (11am – 17)
Kristiansand Cannon Museum (11am – 17)
Gimle Gård (Gimle Farm) (11am – 5 pm)
Archive Foundation (1pm -3pm)
SKMU Sørlandets Art Museum (12am – 4pm)
Agder Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden (12am – 4pm)
Guide Sør offering a guided city walk and electric bike usage (more info to come)
MS Maarten running a tour in the archipelago from Pier 6. 11am and 1pm. Duration 1.5 hours. NB: Limited capacity – here it is first come first served!
Citytrain running around the city that day – also for free.

The list of offers that included expanded steadily, so here it is just to follow 🙂

Here is a link to get the free tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/turist-i-egen-by-5juni-kristiansand-tickets-25373163816

Please use the hashtags #turistiegenbykrs and #VisitKristiansand. Follow Visit Kristiansand in social media for more info.