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Lyngdal is an ideal location to base yourself whilst visiting the Lister region in southern Norway, as local attractions are within easy reach. “Lister” is a local term used to describe this area west of Kristiansand in southern Norway.

In the centre of Lyngdal, is Sørlandsbadet which is the region’s only dedicated swimming pool complex that has both indoor and outdoor pools, treatment rooms and a gym. Just down the road is the Lucky Strike Bowling Centre that has six indoor bowling lanes, food and a billiard room. The kids can also enjoy the play room with a hockey table. Or maybe try camping at Epledalen where you can fish, go hiking or swimming.

Epledalen Lyngdal Norway

Epledalen Lyngdal Norway – Photo: Adam Read Visit Sørlandet

There are an abundance of shopping stores with a large variety ranging from electronics to baby clothing. Lyngdal is famous for its shopping, so people travel for long distances to buy things there.
If the family wants to be a little more adventurous, there is a salmon staircase at Kvåsfossen where you can see the salmon swim up the river through specially made glass viewing windows.
Why not rent a canoe or try your hand at fishing along the Lygna river where the staircase is located.

Farsund and Lista

A twenty minute drive from Lyngdal is the Farsund and Lista region. Farsund is a scenic coastal city with long beaches in the area popular for swimming and surfing. In the heart of the city is Varbak that has panoramic views over the city. Flipside, Scandinavia’s largest indoor skatepark is located in Lista which also has paint balling and go kart riding.

Wooden boats in Farsund Norway

Wooden boats in Farsund Norway – Photo: Adam Read Visit Sørlandet


Kvinesdal is a little town thirty minutes from Lyngdal that sits in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains and a large fjord. There are many hiking tours in the area for the whole family as well as golf at Utsikten for Dad.

Utsikten Hotel Kvinesdal Norway

Utsikten Hotel Kvinesdal Norway – Photo: Adam Read Visit Sørlandet

Solli jaktgård “hunting farm” and Torvløbakkan Gård are two farms that offer hunting, local food and activities for the kids.


In Flekkefjord, the family can try dresinsykling “rail biking” on old railway lines. It is both great exercise and a great day out for the family. Dad and Mum can ride the rail bikes and the kids can sit down and enjoy the trip. Afterwards check out the old town of Hollanderbyen (The Holland town) with narrow streets and old white houses. Or if you are in the mood for a long hike with amazing views, check out Brufjell potholes.

Rail biking Flekkefjord Norway

Rail biking Flekkefjord Norway – Photo: Adam Read Visit Sørlandet


From Kristiansand towards Lister, one of the first areas in the Lister region is Lindesnes. There is a little lighthouse in the middle of the roundabout on the main E39 highway to inform visitors of the most important and well known attraction in the area. It is of course the Lindesnes lighthouse.

Lindesnes Lighthouse Norway

Lindesnes Lighthouse Norway – Photo: Adam Read Visit Sørlandet

The lighthouse has the last remaining full time watchman in Norway, so the premises is kept in very good condition with opportunites for accommodation. There is an auditorium, cafe and is open all year.

En route to the lighthouse from the main highway, there is an anmial park called Barnas Dyrepark. Here visitors can play and feed the animals ranging from alpacas to minks.
The park is open during the summer months and by appointment thereafter.


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