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Electric car Norway

Electric car usage in Southern Norway

Norway is one of the world leaders in “going green” to help protect the environment. Their waste management and general concerns for “The Green House affects” on the environment are always high on the agenda.

Green Norway

It is therefore no surprise that Norway has the world’s largest amount of plug-in electrical cars per capita. These cars use electricity generated from hydropower which is also one of the cleanest forms of electricity. Now, one in every 100 cars on Norwegian roads are electric and the country is the largest European market for the Tesla S and Nissan Leaf models.

Electric car charging Norway

Electric car charging Norway

The first electric car charging stations were introduced in Norway in 2011 and as from March 2016, there are 7,632 electric recharge points spread throughout the country.

Benefits to visitors to Southern Norway

If you are thinking of hiring an electric car or plan on using your own in southern Norway, you can have peace of mind in knowing that there are 400 charging stations.

Electric car charging station in Setesdal

Electric car charging station in Setesdal

These are located at:
Kristiansand, Arendal, Lyngdal, Flekkefjord, Mandal, Evje, Grimstad, Lillesand

If you are taking a trip to Hovden to go skiing from Kristiansand then there are many stations on the way: Evje, Bygland, Hylestad, Bykle, Valle , Hovden

An up to date website in English with a map can be found on http://www.evnorway.no/

Car Parking and Tolls

As from March 2016, electric vehicles do not have to pay for public parking, road toll (at automatic toll stations), yearly road tax and they can also use bus lanes. Please note however that the time limit for parking varies at different locations. This will change in 2017 or sooner, so check the Norwegian Road and traffic authority Vegvesen for latest information. http://www.vegvesen.no/en/Home

This is just another reason to visit beautiful southern Norway 🙂


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