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The southern coastal town of Kristiansand has dozens of little islands in its archipelago. So boating is a bit part of the local culture. Apart from the winter months where the water can freeze in many areas, the locals use their boats all the time.

For me personally, I like to use mine to get to Bragdøya on a nice summers day. Take a tent and camp the night with the kids.

I took a trip there with a nice family in the middle of the summer to check out. We took the “badebåten” ferry to Bragdøya from Kristiansand. This ferry goes at regular intervals during the summer months and can hold a maximum of 28 passengers.

Bragdøya island Kristiansand Norway

Bragdøya island Kristiansand Norway | Photo: Adam Read Visit Sørlandet

When you visit the island by ferry, you are dropped off at some docks where there is a souvenir store with food and drinks and a cultural centre nearby.

We happened to visit the island when there was a large group gathering there in their tents. They planned on being there for two days to enjoy the summer sun.

Bragdøya island Kristiansand Norway

Camping at Bragdøya island Kristiansand Norway | Photo: Adam Read Visit Sørlandet

The island is not large, so it is quite easy to find your way around. On the south west side there are fantastic views out to the sea.

There is a beach behind the docks where you can use a rowing boat to have some fun or simply take a swim and relax on the beach.

Bragdøya island Kristiansand Norway

Rowing boats at Bragdøya island Kristiansand Norway | Photo: Adam Read Visit Sørlandet

It is a beautiful little island just a stone’s throw away from the mainland. Well worth a visit.


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I am originally from Australia and have lived in Norway for the past 10 years. I have been working in the internet industry since 1998 in Australia, the UK and Norway. My kids love to ski and snowboard in the winter and go wake boarding in the summer.

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