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Welcome to our new travel blog about large and small adventures in southern Norway. Be inspired to experience our beautiful part of Norway, whether you are a family with children or friends looking for new activities. The blog offers holiday tips and recommendations provided by us who love it here.

The blog was launched in April 2016, but you can still read out old blog to get some great tips: www.visit-southern-norway.blogspot.no


Fiskebrygga Kristiansand

Fiskebrygga is a fishing wharf and market in Kristiansand. It is extremely popular in the summer months where local people take their boats into the wharf and enjoy the sunshine. There are...

Tree houses in Gjerstad

The tree houses in Gjerstad

The tree houses (Trehyttene) in Gjerstad is a must for an overnight stay. Want to spend the night out in nature – maybe even in a forest? How about living in a treehouse that has all...

Potholes at Sild

Potholes in Sild Risør

The Risør region offers a large range of activities and attractions one of which are the potholes at Sild called “Jettegryttene”. These were formed in the ice age as large...